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Affordable & reliable targeted leaflet & flyer delivery services delivering to Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex.

Target Leaflet Distribution is a small local operation based in Ipswich, Suffolk. The company has formed as a result of one of our sister companies having had a bad experience using a leaflet distribution company for marketing. 50,000 leaflets were distributed (supposedly) and not one call came as a result, something had gone dreadfully wrong!

Reliable Door to Door Distribution

We have an excellent team of 5 reliable distributors who deliver our leaflets every week. All employees are adults and have been with us for several years. We frequently visit homes and 'back check' to ensure delivery reliability.

Our distributors are trained to be quick & efficient and always make sure your leaflets end up on door mats, sure to be seen by your potential customers.

Targeted Campaigns

As local people, we know the areas we deliver to very well. Since we started Target Leaflets, we have carried out research and trials to learn about the kind of customers living in each area. This knowledge helps us to target the best areas of Ipswich and Colchester for your campaign, to deliver the best return on your investment by making sure your leaflets are on the doormats of your target market.

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Mobile: 07932 751825

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